Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Soccer" to me!

The Carr's put a indoor soccer team together for most of the boys from Ukraine.  We have a great team, and it is so fun to watch them play.  This past Saturday they played a very good older team (that beat a previous team we tied with 15 to 2.)  In the first half our boys played really well, and were up 3 - 0.  Then in the second half they came back and scored 5!  A humbling experience to say the least.  They were bigger and better then our boy's, so they did a great job against them. 
There was a lot of pushing and words passed during the whole game.  It all came to a head at the end of the game, when one of their bigger players shoved our smallest player into the wall. Wrong!  Andrew was so mad he kicked the ball at him, and then jumped up and socked him in the face!  Very Wrong!  It wasn't pretty, especially in the stands.  

Everything turned out okay at the end, but it was pretty hilarious when it was all over, to see a 5'3 boy, punch a 5'9 boy in the face.  It wasn't right, but what could we do after it was all over but laugh.  Oh, how I wish I had my video camera!