Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar! (or $100.00)

It's been a good day for a Monday.  I took the kids to their tutor, and we had a good talk while driving the 20 miles or so to get there.  It was either a fairly mellow day for them, or I'm mellowing out!  They still are for the most part, great kids.  They just don't appreciate what they have here still.  They say that school is so boring, because it is so easy.  (They say this about everything mind you.)  

They had their last soccer game last Saturday.  I reminded them that they were playing the only team that beat them, and that they better get their game faces on.  Sasha just laughed and said, "Oh Mom, It's easy!"  That's when I knew, they were done for.  I was right, as a mother always is;-).  They lost 3 to 7.   Oh well, they had fun, and were in pretty good spirits afterwards.  It is so great to see them together on that field.  Home at last, with their "Brothers."  I can't express enough, that with this team, it is not the winning that counts.  It is seeing them all together as a "family team."  It's pretty amazing that they are all here.  

I got a really nice e-mail from Cindy yesterday.  She is doing really well, despite the fact she adopted 3 teenage girls at the prime of puberty.  Your a super woman Cindy!  I know for a fact now, that teenaged girls are a lot harder then teenaged boys!  She said something that really struck hard with me.  When the kids don't seem to appreciate all the things that we have done for them, don't you think our Father in Heaven feels the same way when we don't talk with him on a daily basis.  I know that I forget to pray a lot these days.  I will put it off, until I have a free moment at times.  I remember the night that we brought them home from the airport when we hosted them.  I fell on my knees and just cried to him, I was so grateful that I had such a rare opportunity to take care of such beautiful good boys.  Now it seems that I take it for granted.  I still feel so incredibly blessed to be able to be their Mom.  Thanks Cindy for that little reminder.  We miss you at our lunches.

The boys are also growing like weeds.  It's just been a little over 5 months and they have grown out of just about everything!  Of course, they now want to wear what everyone else is wearing.  I can't get away with the D.I. anymore.  It is a good thing that most of the store's have such amazing deals right now.   These kids aren't cheap!

The Keller's are leaving tomorrow for Ukraine to pick up their kids.  I wish them a safe arrival, and hope they have a wonderful experience there.  Good luck with everything Kellers!    


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