Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bike For A Cure!

I was recently asked about the MS 150 ride that Kent and I did at the end of June.  It was so great.  Logan is a great city to ride a bike.  So scenic and peaceful.  The thousands of people that rode for MS, was amazing.  We were able to raise 1,640.000.00 for farther research and hopefully a cure for MS.  Kent has two sisters that have to suffer with this disease.  Kent started riding in the MS 150 two years ago.  He rode 100 miles, and I rode 40 miles.  This was Kent's third year and my first.  We had two of his sisters greet us at the finish line.  Thanks, to all those that made donations on our behalf.  It seriously means so much to us, and our families.  I will post more pictures of the MS ride when I get them. 

To get ready for our MS ride, I rode in the Red Riding Hood ride in Logan.  It was women only!  It was an  amazing experience.  I rode with a friend of mine, who not 24 hours before had a dose of radiation for her treatment of breast cancer.  We rode 36 miles.  

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