Thursday, July 10, 2008


     It was great to have most of our family at church with us, as kent was ordained a High Priest.

I got a nice surprise today when I came in from weeding the garden.  The phone rings and I pick it up to hear this deep voice say "Hi Mom!"  I said "Who is this?"  He said "This is Sasha!"  He asked me how I was, and I him. That was the most English I ever heard him say.  Artem got on next and said "Hi Mom.  I Love You!  We wait for you."  Of course this made my whole day.  Thanks so much Margie,  It is so great to have you there.   The pictures are great, but it is even better when I get talk to them. We are planning a phone call on Saturday with our wonderful interpreter, Inna.  


I'm so excited to get pictures from our friends that are in Ukraine right now.  They are getting there son, Misha.  Things are going well for them.  The boy's are looking taller.  It is so great to be able to see them.  We miss them so much.  

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Andreas & Carrie Horlacher said...

They called you!! What a treat! That makes the wait so much harder, eh? Your blog is awesome. Keep it up. Even the smallest tidbits of information keep the rest of us going. We are praying for you!!