Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jingle, Jingle!

This will be more of a picture show then a blogging.  This is how our christmas holiday has been so far.

                        Rogers family christmas party.  Anne and John 
         Kent and Brian Mindy, DeDe, Caroline, Jenna and Jamie
Cat, Sarah, Patrick, John, Lauren, Oliver, Jenna, Mary, Victor
Patrick's Missionary farewell.  Michigan bound!     

Judd, Fran, Charlie, Ali and Julie
       Madeline and Mindy 
Maddie, Lauren, and Cat
Ali bird, and Laurencita
Aaron's Missionary homecoming,  Mia, Aaron and David.
Arri hugging her nephew
Cat hugging her Cousin.
Aaron just off the plane
Artem, Sasha, Cat and Lauren, waiting, waiting, waiting
Still waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting!
And yet still, waiting, waiting........................
The kids up at the cabin
Rogers Christmas party.  
Maddie, Anne, Sarah.
Cat, Arri, Sarah.  (Sarah just jumps into all the pictures!)
John and Lauren.  (Where's Sarah?)
A Young Men's, Young Women's, Christmas Activity 
They had a blast!
Family Christmas picture!  No, I didn't get our cards out this year.  I tried!  At least we took a picture!
My side of the family, Christmas eve party!  It was very merry!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was great!  We got two very big gifts this year, and they are the best christmas presents we ever received!  They had a great time too!  Artem said "Santa is a good man!"  

                                   HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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