Friday, May 29, 2009

Just Dance!

Cat, Artem and Sasha are in the Temple Celebration Program tomorrow night at the Conference Center.  It was a huge effort for multiple regions, to put this all together.  It was an even a bigger effort to get the boys to dance!  At first I bribed them with more computer time.  That didn't turn out so great.  When their schedule's got too busy, is when they couldn't even get on the computer.  That was when we had to pull out the; "You're going to dance because, I'm the Mom, and I say so!"  I know that they will be glad someday when pigs fly, but for now I think that it has been a fun experience for them.  I have caught them having a good time with their friends, so I know all the pleading, prodding, yelling, screaming, kicking, fighting, was well worth it!  Cat was even having bouts of "I don't want to's," until she got herself a partner for the dance.  A very cute partner.  The boys were okay until they got cute partners for the dance.  They have a lot of growing up to do in the maturity department.  I must say though, that they are so dang cute dancing!      

You may be able to see them in the on stage performance if you look hard enough.  We had to tape that performance for our stake, so I couldn't let my kids get all the glory!

In other news, my oldest Maddie was in the Miss Sandy Pageant.  She did this all on her own, and I was so proud of her for doing so.  She has never been able to perform in front of people very well.  She didn't even speak in church, when we all had to speak as a family.  She was too uptight about it.  To do this Pageant she had to really step out of her comfort zone.  It was a fun night for her.  Although, she didn't win Miss Sandy, she did win a $2,500 modeling contract with Urban Talent Management.  Here are some highlights of the pageant.  Way to go Maddie! 


Wendy said...

How fun for you kids! My oldest participated in Day's Of Celebration and it really touched her spiritually. How fun that they are a apart of this "once in a lifetime" event!

The Brent Milne Family said...

Wow they can dance!!! How fun is that!! I can't wait to hear about the after math. They look good!!

Margie said...

Oh, Misha and I loved it!!!! But don't tell the boys. Maddie looked like a princess, and she can totally rock a swimming suit!

Jenna and Jace said...

So proud of you, Maddie! What an accomplishment! I'll be waiting to see your photo on the cover of US magazine...can I get a signature? Haha way to go!