Monday, November 9, 2009

As time goes by.....

Hello one and all. It has been about 5 months since I last posted. Yes, it has been very busy, and I found myself taking on more then I should have. However, it is stuff that I would do again, just for the rewards that they have brought. I will try and do little updates as the week goes on. it is just too much information for one entry.

First the boys have been doing great. Summer was pretty busy for them with tutoring, just making sure that they were retaining everything they learned from the last school year. They have made a lot of friends and are for the most part happy boys. (Well, as far as teenage boys can be!)

Save a Child Foundation just had their Hosting Program this past 2 1/2 weeks. It was very successful, and I think most every family had an amazing experience. This is all I can report right now. I still need time to gather my thoughts, as I had a very overwhelming experience both good and bad. The Boys were great at translating, and didn't complain too much when they had to do it.

My girls are doing well. Lauren is at UVU having a good experience her first year of collage. Cat is trying out for the school basketball team, even though she is sick today. Maddie is at UVCC going to Cosmetology school, and is loving it. She also did another pageant, which is giving her tremendous self esteem and confidence.

Here she is singing "Put Your Records On" for her talent.

Again, I will post updates later on this week of our summer and fall so far. I have got a lot of pictures and videos, as to not make it a totally boring experience for you!

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DeDe said...

Way to go Maddie! Great job!!