Monday, November 30, 2009


I just wanted to send out a gratitude post to all of you. Your love and concern through e-mails and comments, have been so greatly appreciated. I really don't think I would have come through this as well as I did without it. I have always said that I have met some of the best people through SAC, and it becomes more apparent as time goes on. You are amazing people, for what you have taken on in your lives. I hope you know the effect you have on the people around you. I feel truly privileged to know you.

Thanksgiving was great. We were all able to sit down at the same table, and share what we are most grateful for. Family was at the top of everyone's list. We took some fun pictures, that I have posted on my facebook. I have posted a few here, for those who are not on facebook.

Oh, and if I don't write until after the holidays, I have a message for all who celebrate the birth of Christ. A Merry Christmas to you, and happy holiday's to everyone else.

Sasha had his 15th birthday at Classic Skate. He had a great time!


Lori said...

That is a good-looking family you've got. Best wishes from Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

hi, you have a very beautiful blog. many greet