Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kick It!

Team Ukraine is back, in full force! The boys were all so excited to be playing together again. They are so fun to watch. They haven't had one practice, but they know each other so well, that it didn't matter. They played great for not being practiced. They played a team that Andrew Garrett is a member of in the spring. Every time Andrew scored, the fans of the other team kept saying "It just isn't fair!" It was funny, and light hearted. We tied 4 to 4. Not bad for our first game! GO TEAM UKRAINE!!!

I will try and load the video, but I think it will be too big. It's just ov
er six minutes long. I have uploaded it to youtube, but they took out the audio, due to infringement issues. It is not as fun to view that way. I don't mean to break any laws, it's just more fun to watch with a great song. I didn't think it was even that popular!?!

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Save A Child said...

Hello Rogers,
My name is Doug Arnold and my wife Amy adopted Alexander and Kristina from Ukraine last year. Kristina will be going to Albion Middle School next year and I understand your boy goes to Albion now. If possible I would like to schedule a time for him to give Kristina a walk through of the school. Please email me if you think we could arrange something. Thank you. My email is