Monday, February 2, 2009

A Double Day

The boy's had a soccer game, and Cat had a cheer competition.  I was able to make both.  I had my video camera this time!  The boy's did well.  They won there game 3 to 1.  I have footage that I will post soon.  I have to cut and paste that together, so as to just get in all the high lights!

Cat did very well on her cheer as well.  They had some bopples and dropped one flyer, but overall they did really good.  Cat stuck all of her double back hand springs, and caught her flyer.  Go Ignite!   

View the video on You tube.


DeDe said...

Awesome! Great job Cat!

mcjenn said...

I couldn't get the videos to play but I know Cort is enjoying helping with coaching the boys.