Monday, February 16, 2009

What a kick!

This past Saturday, team Ukraine had a double header in soccer.  They won both games!  The first game was 18 to 0.  The second game was 5 to 3.  They had a blast.  There was a set back though.  One of the boys broke his pelvis, while trying to make a goal.  The moment is captured on this video.  I hope it isn't too up setting for some to see.  It doesn't really look like much.  It is the only clip that is in slow motion.  I debated about putting it in, but in the end, I thought that he would like to see it!  These kids are so tuff.  I talked with him after the game, and asked if he was in much pain.  He said he was, but he didn't seem too bothered by it.  I thought that he might have just pulled a hamstring.  

Just so you know, my Sasha had 4 goals!  He told me that the 4th one didn't count because it was really Ruslan's kick that bounced off his leg though the goal.  He is giving that one to him, so it was really 3 goals.  My Artem had some really great blocks too, so I was a very proud Mom! 



The Brent Milne Family said...

Thank you so much that is so fun to watch!! It's so fast you do a great job capturing it all!! The boys are great!!

mcjenn said...

Love indoor soccer, let me know times and place and we will come watch!