Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Day with the boy's

We had a great day with the boy's today. We picked them up at the internat and took off to go bowling. There is only two lanes there, so needless to say we took up all of the space. It was a good thing we werer the only ones there. The real winner was Lucinda, mark came in 2nd. Out of the boy's Rulsan won with Artem coming in 2nd and Sasha third.

We ate after that at a little cafe down the way from there. It was really good. These boy's know how to eat!

Sumy has been having a festival of the city, so there was a lot going on in town. We walked over to the park where they had a carnival in town. The boy's loved the bumber cars the most. Sasha wanted to go on all the rides, and took me on the upside one. I think they had a blast.

We bought them a basketball, volleyball and soccer ball. We are hoping they will last until tomorrow!

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ann said...

Ari, I check the blogs every day. I am soaking up all the information you guys are sending. Thanks for the updates. It sounds so fun to be there all together. The boys look so much older. We talked with Ruslan today and noticed that his voice has changed. It is deeper. That is neat you all got a court date so soon. Ann