Friday, September 5, 2008

Sunny in Sumy!

On Thursday morning we got up early to get documents notarized. After, we shopped in Sumy waiting until we could go see the boys. Natalie received a call from Vladimir in the afternoon and Arri and I were asked to come to the school immediately to meet a child social worker from the town where the boys were born. The woman's name is Alla and it was her who first took the boys from their home and placed them in the orphanage. She then helped the boys in court when they took away their parents' rights. She was concerned that we were taking Artem and Sasha from their older brother Maxim. We talked for a while and while talking the boys showed up and put their arms around Arri.

I felt very warm feelings towards Alla and her sincere concern for the boys. She just had a great feeling about her. After we spoke for a time, she was satisfied and left to go see Maxim. We assume that all went well. The Dads played soccer with a bunch of the boys on a dirt court and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we were completely black with dirt and Brent Milne and I could hardly walk. We had a great time.

Today (Friday the 5th) we slept in a bit and did some shopping at the market. At 3:00 we went back to the school and watched all the kids working. They're trying to clean up the school for some inspectors showing up soon. While the Dads took the boys to the apple orchard to eat wormy apples, the Moms filled up water balloons and snuck up on us and tried to get us wet. We then had water balloon toss contests and had a nice time.

The inspector (Valeria from our hosting program last year) only got 2 hours of sleep, so she could finish our papers, so that Vladimir could submitt them as soon as possible for an earlier court date.

We learned late today that Vladimir got us a court date for Monday at 1:00pm!! That's great news to get a date so quickly for 4 families! Nice job Vladimir!!

Also, I should mention for those coming after us, we rented an Aircard for our laptop and are getting internet access from our apartment. I've also loaded a "softphone" and have been able to call the U.S. from here.

It's been unseasonably warm here in Sumy. Today was the hottest day so far. We've tried to upload some pictures but for some reason they're not working.

Happy Birthday to Lucinda Milne today and Julie Hatch yesterday!


mcjenn said...

Arri -
wow a court date already for all of you - that is amazing. Thanks for sharing your adventure - you too Kent.
We are thinking about all of you and your adventures. How great the new technology in less than 1 1/2 years. To have the internet and able to call home.

Deborah said...

Kent and Arri,

Thanks for keeping us updated on the happenings going on over there. I love your blog, the pictures are guys are so cute :) The boys look so great, we are so happy that everything is working out over there. We miss you and think of you daily, you're in our prayers always. xoxo Deborah, Ken and the kids