Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good Sunday

Sunday was a really relaxing day for us. We got up and went to church. We couldn't take the boys out, because we really shouldn't be taking them before the court date. We got lucky yesterday. We walked to church, with another beautiful warm day. It has actually been really hot. (I'm so glad that I brought shorts, I was told not to.) The branch was small in members, but we met in a good sized building. It was really nice inside. The spirit was there and it felt like a home away from home.

We went back to the apartment afterwards, changed and ate, then headed back to the internat school to hang out with the boys. It was a really good day. We seemed to communicate better, and open up with each other more. We had our translator sit down with the four of us and have a heart to heart. It was really good. The four of us walked and picked apples and we did just find figuring out each other. It was a great bonding moment. We also got to take a look at photo's from when the boys were young. We are taking them to get copies made.

All in all, it has been my favorite day so far!

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