Monday, September 15, 2008

The original "Bean Bag"...

Monday, September 15, 2008 - Today we shopped in the morning for food, made lunch and left a little early to walk through the market before taking a bus to go to the school. We saw what I would call the Ukraine version of a mall. It was a large building full of stores that you'd access via hallways. Nothing wide open. More like an outdoors market only indoors so we were out of the cold. They had nice clothes and things and all at about the same price as what we'd pay in the States. I also stopped by a bicycle shop hoping to find some type of Ukrainian bicycle jersey. Unfortunately, they didn't carry any clothing.

We jumped on a smaller bus to get to the school today and we had to stand but...we couldn't stand up. Kind of made for an uncomfortable ride and I think the locals got a kick out of the dumb American (that would be me) who couldn't stand up straight.

When we got to the orphanage, the boys still had chores to do so we followed them to help. We noticed 2 of the boys swinging sacks and hitting each other (Posha and Luis). The teacher didn't seem to mind and then they started kicking the sacks and beating them with a stick. We went over to watch and realized that the bags were full of beans that the kids had picked and then they put them in white, nylon woven bags and beat the crap out of 'em to separate the beans from the pods. Then they'd pour the beans onto a blanket and pull out the empty pods. We joined in to help and it was interesting. Then they'd raise the podless beans up in the air and pour them onto the blanket to let the wind take more of the husks out.

After, they lit the pods on fire and the boys took advantage and roasted apples on the fire at the end of a stick. Like something we'd do with marshmallows. When the apples were good and roasted, they'd peel the skin and eat the apples. They were really pretty good! Yet another great Ukrainian experience!

Later, we played more games and took the boys to the local store and bought them an Ice Cream. Not much else happened and I think we're all getting anxious to take the boys home. It's hard to be here everyday not accomplishing much at all. On the other hand, we are bonding with the boys and we probably won't get a chance to spend this much time with them once we get back to the States. So, I am and should be more grateful for that.

After the Bean husking, Brent set up a plastic bottle (you can find garbage everywhere) and the boys started "bowling" with the apples. Being boys, they got competitive and that kept them busy for a while.
Also, we pulled Tanya and Sasha (twins) aside for a short time with our translator and talked about a family in the States that would like to adopt them. Natalie, our translator didn't have much time to talk to them because she was due in court with Neil and Carolyn Milne. We'll talk to the twins more tomorrow. Also, Artem Milne's adoption was recognized and approved to Neil and Carolyn so our boys who had their court dates last week, can no longer tease him about being the "orphan" of our group.

By the way, they have fireworks EVERY DAY here in Sumy. Not sure why but the place next to us (we think it's a club) lit off a bunch tonight. And no Narci, Phil and Mia, when I heard them I did not yell to everyone to "Hide!", thinking it was somebody shooting outside!!! (a little inside family joke) :-)

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